Snapshot version of cocricotMOD for 1.20.4 is released!

A snapshot version of the 1.20.4 version of cocricotMOD has been released!

A snapshot version is a pre-release test build.

As stated in the popup when downloading, there are many blocks that have not yet been ported, and there may be many bugs due to insufficient verification. It is possible that blocks will be removed or changed as well as added in the future. It is not suitable for large projects.

There is a possibility of crashes, so please enjoy it with full understanding!

Also, the following configuration is required to play.

Required Configuration

Required Mods

Fabric Loader (tested with 0.15.6)
Fabric API (tested with 0.95.4)
cocricotMOD for 1.20.4

Fabric is a prerequisite for this mod.

Recommended mods

continuity (textures will be connected and look better)

Must-have resource packs

cocricot for MOD (resource pack for mod)

Recommended resource packs

cocricot (normal resource pack)

Unlike the 1.12.2 version, a total of two resource packs must be applied: the regular resource pack and the resource pack for mods.


A Getting Started Guide for the 1.20.4 version is in preparation.

A large number of blocks have not yet been ported, but we have released this as a snapshot version in the hope that you will play with it as soon as possible.

We have many new ones in the works and hope you enjoy them.