1.20 resource packs are now available for download!

1.20 resource pack is now available!

Please download it from the download page.

There are still a lot of vanilla blocks, but we have added the main ones such as cherry blossoms, bamboo blocks, and signs.

Starting in 1.20, the crimson series is now red. Cherry wood is now white and the distressed series is now black.

Crimson doors and trapdoors are now Chinese. Black candles on the red fence make a black decoration for the bridge!

As I said, in 1.20, the signs that can be hung or attached to the wall are very attractive ✨.

Please wait a little longer for the mod…! I’m thinking of putting out a snapshot version 🙌

Addendum (February 2024)

We have released the 1.20.4 version of the MOD (beta) and resource packs!!

Please give them a try!