Update 1.20.4MOD to v1.1.0

After releasing snapshot v1.0, the following updates were made


  • Fixed a bug in connection of some deformed shelves
  • Fixed a bug in connection of some fences


  • Added tooltips to Classic Rug
  • Classic Rug can now connect only the same blocks
  • Sneak installation of Classic Rug can now be done in block shape (usually you have to hit it with a wooden pickaxe)
  • Fixed a problem where Green Tea and other items that were supposed to be placed on the half would not be placed on the half.
  • Fixed culling of Classic Rug
  • Fixed Missing particles on some blocks


  • fixed a crash problem when placing horizontally connected Wall Shelf type blocks side by side
  • Changed the hit detection of Faucet (Mirror that rides on the half is now ridden)
  • Changed hit detection for Full Length Mirror and Stand Caption Plate.
  • Caption Plate no longer has an actual hit detection
  • Fixed particles in some blocks
  • Added Dark and Light to Japanese Low Table
  • Added Dark and Light to Japanese Floor Chair
  • Added Black Two Panels Door
  • Added Color Stone series to Material

The Resource Pack also adds a pagination section to the Inventory tab.

If you have already downloaded the pack, please update it!