I just posted an archive of past Christmas videos on YouTube!

Six years ago, I posted on Nico Nico Douga the architectural series video “Rural Living.” I posted this special video on YouTube between Part 32 and 33 of the 🎬

I’ve been wanting to archive it on YouTube someday, so I’m happy to post it just in time for this Christmas.

I didn’t have the original material so I downloaded it from Nico Nico and stretched it to 1080p. The picture quality is poor 😂 but I originally played it on a small screen so the quality wasn’t great to begin with lol.

This article is a commentary on this video and some behind-the-scenes stuff from the production. I suggest you watch the video first and then read the article! 👏

Excitement builds! Christmas Video

This video is a short story that tells the story of Santa moving into the town where we are building and building his house, and the story of the boys and girls talking about whether or not Santa is there at the same time 🎅I hope you enjoyed it!

I used a resource pack with a mix of different textures, but I didn’t have any resource packs left at the time of this video, so let’s take a look at the architecture with a re-shot of some of the textures that are different 😉.

*The shaders used in the images in this article are custom “Oceano” v2.0.

House for Boys

This is a boy’s house in the forest. I love the expression of the snow piled up on the roof. I also love the combination of the yellow walls, the green of the forest, and the pure white of the snow!

The interior is also decorated in a Christmas-like manner. The boy’s bed in the loft area shown in the video is a watermelon bed lined with watermelons. The bed is a representation of a bulging bed. The second floor is shown in the video, and there is no interior decoration on the first floor 😂.

After the boys’ Santa talk is over, the scene goes back in time a little and Santa moves into town.

One day, I receive a letter from someone addressed to me. Then I meet the sender at a cafe, but the point here is that the viewer still does not know exactly who he is, only a glimpse of his back 😏The sender’s name and back are almost certain, but I did not directly say Santa, which is a particular point I made in constructing the story.

In the video, the client is never revealed, and the construction of the house begins! Construction begins on top of a mountain on the outskirts of town. We showed the building scene in digest. There are also scenes of building a Christmas tree and a sled, and even here you can smell the Santa feeling (laugh).

Santa’s House

Santa’s house features a pointy roof like Santa’s hat and sparkling Christmas decorations.

There is also a sledding yard & runway and a reindeer pasture.

The sled’s runway is fantastically decorated to match Santa’s house. The runway is equipped with a lighted light so that it twinkles at night. There is a hidden artisan mark on the runway, so look for it in the video 🔥

After the Architectural Digest, time returns to Christmas Eve, when the trolley takes us to Santa’s house on the mountain.

There is a bridge on the way, which I like a lot. I feel that the sparkle adds to the excitement before we get to Santa’s house.

At first it was just a valley and no water was flowing, but we made it into a river by pouring water down it. A dam was also built at the end of the bridge, making it look more like a lake than a river.

When you arrive at Santa’s house, you will find a trolley depot. Decorate it with garland and other decorations to create a sense of excitement.

When you get off the trolley, you’ll see a sparkling Santa’s house! White and red stick, snowman, big garland-like thing, etc…. Red, white, green, and various Christmas colors were used to decorate the house!

The interior was decorated with a large Christmas tree in the center, surrounded by furniture and accessories along the walls.

The textures have changed quite a bit, so please enjoy the rest of the video 😉.

The video introduces Santa’s house and talks with Santa.

I don’t know how I came up with the story about the Santa association… (lol) The point is that Santa, who distributes dreams, talks about dreamless stories 😂 I think it was derived from the fact that there is a Santa village in Finland and there are many Santas.

Then Santa leaves to deliver presents to the kids!

Presents from Santa

Santa sets out to deliver presents to children. Of course, he will fly to the children on a reindeer-drawn sleigh…!

I did my best to represent the reindeer with square blocks. The sled has been removed and I don’t have a screener, so please enjoy the video 🎅 The key point is that I made it look like the sled was moving with the camera work.

The scene turns to morning and at the boy’s house the boy finds a present from Santa. The story ends with a picture of a smiling and happy boy with both presents from his parents and from Santa 😊.

At the end.

This was my first video that incorporated a robust storyline, and I was quite satisfied with the result.

I remember the trial-and-error process I went through to create the sparkling effect without shaders because my PC was not equipped to shoot videos with shaders 😂 Fortunately, Christmas is mainly at night, so it was easy to create the sparkling effect by emphasizing the diffusion and brightness of light.

It was also fun to find free BGM with Christmas-like sparkles. 😊🎄✨

I hope to shoot another drama-filled movie someday! Merry Christmas! 🎅.

(This article has been automatically translated.)