We are now an official partner of Minecraft!

We are pleased to announce that Kiiko has become an Official Minecraft Partner!

Official Minecraft Partners are creators who have signed a contract with Microsoft. Official Minecraft Partners are creators who have signed a contract with Microsoft, which means that they can now list their products on the Marketplace!

How to become a Partner

Previously, you had to be a corporation to sign a contract, so for an individual creator to become a partner, he/she had to be part of a team of a corporation that already had a contract.

I wanted to exhibit cocricot on MakePlace, but I didn’t like the idea of belonging to someone else’s team and exhibiting… I heard about it once and received an offer, but I was very hesitant.

But then!

I casually looked at the partnership application page and noticed that the “corporate” requirement was no longer listed…! It was there just a short while ago…! I took this as an opportunity and applied. I answered a few questions, attached the URL of my work, and submitted the form. I was so excited…!

But no matter how long I waited, I never received a reply…. After months of no response, I gave up halfway through the application process…!

One day, about six months later, I received an e-mail from a Microsoft representative in the U.S. in English…!

At first, I suspected it was a new kind of scam email (lol), but it was real 😂 explosion!

There was an online meeting with all the new partners, and then the procedures began in earnest (the online meeting was late at night and early in the morning). (The online meeting was held late at night and in English so fast that it was almost unintelligible 😱) I had been so busy with my new life since March that I had neglected to start the procedures for about a month, but finally I was able to start…!

Regarding your tweet about the BE version.

In late February, I tweeted “I’m releasing a test version of BE! Gave up on Makepeace!” but a few days later I received an email from this partner with the decision.

I waited 6 months to finally make the decision to give up😇Microsoft shattered my decision in an instant 😂.

I have not yet been able to check the detailed terms and conditions to see what they are now, but what I know is that I have heard that you can only exhibit works that have not yet been distributed to the world, so I can’t submit a test version. I am very sorry to those who have been looking forward to this project, but I hope you will understand. I am so sorry that I always make you expect so much.

About the Makepre Listing

We would like to start with the Risopa exhibit and hope to be able to add 3D items for mods as add-ons to the Makepeople. I’m having a hard time with the Java version because it’s so different from the Java version.

I think the best thing about Makepre is that it works on consoles like the Switch! I’m glad that with Makepre, people of all devices will be able to use cocricot✨!

We are always waiting for you, but we hope you will continue to warmly watch the evolution of cocricot 😊

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