1.19.3 v2.0 with additions around Copper block

I have updated to v2.0 with various textures that were still vanilla.

I have mainly Copper-related and Red Sandstone-related textures.

Metal Plate

Copper is now purely a metal plate to match the color.

In addition, Block of Iron has been made to the same specifications.

Corrugated Metal Wall

I added some corrugated metal wall to Exposed Cut Copper. Isn’t it a little too pretty?

Double Half is a clean corrugated metal wall. It could be used for a modern cafe or something.

Red Sandstone, etc.

I was really confused about what to do with Red Sandstone, but it turned out to be a different color from Sandstone.

Cut Red Sandstone was used for terra cotta tiles.

I also added some vanilla block textures.

List of Changes


– Added textures for Red Nether Bricks
– Added textures for Block of Copper, Exposed Copper, Weatherd Copper, and Oxidized Copper
– Added textures for Cut Copper, Exoised Cut Copper, and Double Half Added textures for Cut Copper, Exoised Cut Copper and Double Half
– Replaced textures for Weatherd Cut Copper and Oxidized Cut Copper
– Changed Block of Iron to match Block of Copper
– Added textures for Cut Red Sandstone and Double Half
– Added Polished Andesite textures
– Fixed Polished Andesite double halves that did not contain random for no CTM
– Changed top and bottom of Smooth Sandstone Stairs
– Changed Red Sandstone related textures Added
– Added Block of Netherite textures
– Added Reinforced Deepslate textures


– Fixed Warped Fence being a missing texture when connecting 4 sides
– Fixed Warped Fence particles being weird.

Please try to update your software!