Llama and Decor All Stars


I painted the texture of the llamas.

I tried my best to make her eyelashes look bushy and her mouth look long and slouchy!

At first, I tried to draw bucktooths, but I decided not to because they made the face look too hateful.
Let’s focus on cuteness, shall we?

Decoration variations

And there are so many variations of llama decorations! It was hard because there are enough colors of wool.

Let me introduce them one by one💛

Wandering Trader

This is a decoration of a llama with Wandering Trader. Oriental and pop.

White carpet

A different color of Wandering Trader. Goes well with the brown llama.

Green carpet

Another green carpet in a different color. The pink coloring is a nice touch, and goes well with the cactus.

Orange carpet

This is also a different color. It looks like it would fit in a desert town with open-air markets.

Light blue carpet

Looks like it would go well in a snowy area or on the beach.

Pink carpet

This is a different color from the light blue.

Purple carpet

It is a different color from light blue.

Red carpet

This is my favorite! Too cute!

The image of Czech folk costume. Too bad the chest hides the cute embroidery pattern…

Blue carpet

Different color from the red carpet.

Light gray carpet

A different color from the red carpet. It is prettier and cuter than the red carpet.

Black carpet

A large, ethnic pattern-like pattern.

Brown carpet

The simplest and easiest to use among the Llama decoration series.

Yellow-green carpet

This one has a different ethnic pattern. It may be the strangest in the decoration series.

Magenta carpet

Different color. For some reason, it has a bit of a neo feel to it.

Yellow carpet

This one has a tropical feel that would fit on the beach.

Blue-green carpet

Different color.

Gray carpet

The default texture was wearing glasses… The finish looks like a hero lol

It’s hard to work on a system with equipment… . 17 different decorations is pretty huge!

There are also a lot of different kinds of equipment for horses, players, and villagers: ….! Let’s go for it!