Wood series for 1.19.3

Wood Series for Java

Now that we’ve completed the Bedrock version of the Wood Series, we’ve also completed the Wood Series for Java version 1.19.3! Spirited!

As I mentioned in my recent Bedrock wood series post, I had lost the texture data from late April last year, so my tweeted wood series was back to square one 😂

Basically the same as the Bedrock version, but the Java version has more elaborate details because I can use CTM and change the models freely.

From left to right: Oak, Spruce, and Birch.

Particularly different between Bedrock and Java are the half-timber patterns in Oak and Spruce, and the fence and fence gate.

The log fence and fence gate are cute.

I put half-timber in Oak and Spruce because it makes the defo village look great!

From left to right, Jungle, Acacia, and Dark Oak.

I love the Jungle fence and fence gate. The ropes are designed to hang down.

From left, Mangrove, Crimson, and Warped.

Since I made Oak into a log type, the fences and signs of Mangrove are the basic version of Oak.

Like Bedrock, I like how the Mangrove pressure-sensitive boards were made to look like entrance mats.

Stripped Mangrove Log is a bundle of firewood. This is the same specification Bedrock changed to.

Inventory GUI

Also, when I forced past versions to be applied to 1.19, the inventory tabs in Creative were weird, but I fixed that too.

A modest but important progress…

About the release of 1.19.3

The resource pack for the Java version 1.19.3 will be released sometime in March!

Of course, we don’t have all the textures… Many of them are vanilla.

But the major textures are all there, so you will be able to enjoy your Mycla with cocricot’s worldview.