I got help from chatGPT to come up with a name for the additional content pack

I helped come up with ideas for the name of cocricot’s Bedrock Edition additional content pack with chatGPT! It was fun because I wanted to try using chatGPT for something other than just asking questions🥰

First, I asked for some words to be suggested.

Maybe something closer to furniture or building materials…

Something with a more creative feel…

I thought it would be good to have “additional” as part of the name, so I asked for a focus on that…

I also suggested “Additions” as an idea, and asked about the nuances of the meaning.

“Additions” sounds great…I’m happy to know that it has a positive nuance☺️ I can’t really understand the nuances in English, so it’s amazing that chatGPT can understand the intention of my questions and provide answers that reflect that…!

When I told chatGPT that we decided on “cocricot Additions” as the name, it said, “You’re welcome! I think cocricot Additions will be a great name that emphasizes adding new elements to Minecraft. I hope your production goes smoothly!” I’m so happy!

ChatGPT is amazing…🥹💕

So, the name of cocricot’s additional content pack is now “cocricot Additions”. We’re also planning to switch the name of cocricotMOD to cocricot Additions.

By the way, this text was also translated from Japanese to English using chatGPT!