Version 1.19.3 of cocricot has been released!

The resource pack for cocricot, Java version for 1.19.3 has been released!

There are still some blocks and mobs that are still in defol, but there are much more textures supported than in the 1.16 version…!

Not 1.19.4…?

I noticed that the Mycla mainframe was updated to 1.19.4… I was working on 1.19.3, and simply changing the format to 1.19.4 caused some problems, so I’m releasing it as 1.19.3 for now. (GUI and other things have changed a lot, what is a minor update…? )

I’ll try to update to 1.19.4 next time…!

About OptiFine

Starting with 1.19.3, OptiFine (or more precisely, Connected Textures) is no longer required, and we have made it so that the image looks relatively good without Connected Textures.

However, it looks better with Connected Textures enabled! We endlessly recommend their installation!

For example, without on the left and with on the right. In this way, the natural block joints look more natural.

The block becomes more dynamic. (without on the left, with on the right)

The wood becomes half-timbered, or the windows are connected. (without on the left, with on the right)

Anyway, I recommend making Connected Textures Fancy.

For Bedrock, I’m working on making it look better without Connected Textures, but for Java Edition with Connected Textures, please enable Connected Textures and play!

About the future

We will continue to fill in the default textures for the Bedrock release, while changing the format to 1.19.4.

The textures have been filled in pretty well, so I’m going to give it one more go.

I’ve been holding off on making mods for so long, I can’t wait to make them 😭 until I finish the Bedrock version… I’ll do my best! Keep up the good work!