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"#cocricot60minCraft" is a weekly mini-event in which participants share an hour-long challenge to build a themed architecture.
Please call "Onecocri" for short. Feel free to enjoy building with cocricot!


不定週金曜日Friday of an indefinite week22:00~23:00

#cocricot60minCraftのやり方How to join #cocricot60minCraft?

  1. 21:40頃Twitterにてテーマ発表。どんな建築をするか構想を練ろう!
    Theme presentation at around 21:40 in Twitter. Let's figure out what we're going to build!
  2. 22:00になったら、テーマに沿ってcocricotを使って建築を開始!
    At 22:00, Let's start building with cocricot on the theme!
  3. 23:00になったら建築を終了!スクリーンショットを撮って、「#cocricot60minCraft」と「#cocricot」タグをつけてツイートしよう!
    At 23:00, You have to finish building! Take a screenshot and tweet it with the tags "#cocricot60minCraft" and "#cocricot"!

プチルールSmall rules

  • 建築はゼロからはじめよう。 Let's start building from the ground up.
  • マイクラのバージョンは自由。 All Minecraft's versions are OK.
  • 純正のcocricotを使おう。(シェーダー、NPC配置、画像加工、BetterFoliage等はOK!)
    Let's build with genuine cocricot! (But shaders, NPC placement, image processing and BetterFoliage are OK!)

※タグをつけて投稿された作品をcocricotの公式サイトにTwitterの埋め込み機能にてまとめさせていただくことがあります。(純正cocricotのものに限ります。また、企画の趣旨に沿わなかったり、公序良俗に反する作品は掲載されないことがあります。)We may use Twitter's embedment function to add tags to cocricot's official website. (Must be from a genuine cocricot. In addition, works that are not in line with the purpose of the plan or offensive to public order and morals may not be published.)

ツイート例 Tweet example

We're also welcome to "Self-Onecocri", that you can build in an hour anytime with past themes! Don't forget to tweet with the theme.

過去のお題一覧A list of past themes

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